Data Safety in the Web and for your Workstation Synchronization Backup on sustainable Data Storage Media File- and Folderstructures - Encryption Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Virus Removal Emergency Plan Your PC on strike, your browser generates his own personality, files hide in unknown places and bluescreens try to irritate your family live: do not panic - wrong actions can do much more harm than a possibly small cause for your PCs behaviour. If you have reason to expect a destructive condition, stop all actions, do not write to disc, do not even read data, and if possible, do not shut down your PC. If you are still online, you can use an online malware scanner. If that is not solving your problem, you should only use external tools from USB Stick or CD/DVD. Save your data and create an image of your harddrive. Best results will be obtained when a bootable DVD with all the necessary tools is used. SInce this will not be available in most cases, and rescue of lost or corrupt data is quite complex, you should get professional help. Call us any time - we will assist -  if possible also with remote desktop tools.